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Dallas Lit Hop 21

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2021 Lit Hop Kick Off

The Dharma Beauty Pageant

Due to the Pandemic: Due to the Pandemic: Due to the Pandemic:
The previously scheduled Lit Hop production of
The Dharma Beauty Pageant has been re-imagined into website-staged trailer docu-introduction of cast members. Click here to read more on this project. The show runs through May and includes an ekphrastic writing contest
Juried by Mairead Case.

Congratulations to: 1)Griselda Castillo, 2) Michael Hatcher, 3) Layne Calabro, Honorable Mention: Leslie Soule. Click here to see their work.

Carolina Reyes: Areola Eyes / I’m a BADDIE¬†
Read about Karen Minzer: Got Ojas?
Read About Laney Yarber: Room for Beauty
Read About Linda Jones: A Natural Progression.
Read About Micaela Gutierrez Tillet and Brenda Randall: World Calls
Read Monika Bowman Bell : In your sleep by black sheet curtains hung with tacks

Dallas Lit Hop is sponsored by friends and City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture: Thank You!

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