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James “4 Real” Walker

James “4 Real” Walker
When: September 17th, 2010
Where: Its A Grind

James “4Real” Walker has embraced his gifts since adolescence. He is a performance poet, actor, songwriter, rapper, and has grown into an astonishing artist whose words can resurrect the dead in spirit; giving those who witness his gifts, the motivation they need to seek the kingdom of heaven. He has had the opportunity to share his gifts on radio stations and television shows, and has even performed on a national level. Currently he is the president of a Christian ministry called J.U.D.A.H. Outreach (Jesus’ United Disciples At Hand). He is using his gifts in effort to lead souls to Christ, and continues to make a contribution to his community and to the world, by expanding his creativity and encouraging the leaders of J.U.D.A.H. to do likewise.

Hosted by Rock Baby and Alexandra Marie

Dallas Slam Featured Reader

Cindy St. John and Venus Opal Reese

Cindy St. John and Venus Opal Reese
When: September 16th, 2010
Where: Members Only Salon

Cindy St. John is the author of City Poems (Effing Press 2009) and People Who Are in Love Will Read This Book Differently (Dancing Girl Press 2009). Her poems have appeared in many magazines, including The Southern ReviewH_NGM_N andCimarron Review. She holds an MFA from Western Michigan University and currently teaches literature and creative writing in Austin, TX.

Map of Summer by Cindy St. John

Speak/swallow highways you take to

horizontal your fist on the horizon squint one eye

sink/eat/starve 500 miles in a car you don’t own

with lips that are not your own and a language you have only half-

memorized to get here

bend/lengthen under the sound

of wind of box fans like no sound or white light or distance

tap the glass remember the body

sweat in the sheet of stars soundless

speak/tip toe over orange

faces/names/tequila bottles

swim/drive your field of vision infinitely

multiplying the weight of your arms you lived/died

Break the glass

fade/disappear into the landscape isn’t that

what you wanted?

Venus Opal Reese is a tenured professor of Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas, an award winning solo performer, playwright, director, choreographer and poet. She has performed nationally and internationally for over 20 years. Her solo performance work, Split Ends, was featured on the cover of the Palo Alto Weekly, showcased at the Black Repertory Theatre in Rhode Island and ran off-Broadway at La MaMa ETC. Split Ends was nominated for an AUDELCO Award.  Dr. Reese was recently featured on ABC News and in Glamour Magazine and Diversity Inc., as an expert on race, beauty, and culture. Her performance with the Hip-Hop theatre play, Will Power’s The Seven, was featured in the American Theatre Magazine and won 3 Critic Choice Awards.

Venus has presented and performed internationally at the Sorbonne, Paris, France under the auspices of the W.E.B. Dubois Institute at Harvard University, La MaMa Umbria International, Spoleto, Italy, and Universita di Padova, Padova, Italy. Nationally she has performed and directed with Cultural Odyssey, AfroSolo, the LA Women’s Festival, and the Hip-Hop Theatre Festival, NYC.

As a scholar, Dr. Reese’s research links Africa, the Middle Passage, Antebellum Slavery, minstrelsy and popular culture through the stories we tell. She offers and designs courses in Spoken Word, Arts and Performance, Theatre, Movement Theatre, African Dance, Hip-Hop Dance, American Character, Acting, Performativity, Cultural Studies, Womanism/Feminism, Queer Theory, Literary Theory, Critical Race Theory, and Identity and Media.

Dr. Reese’s scholarly performative writing has been published in the Women and Performance journal, the Journal for Global Transformation, as well as edited volumes like Recharting the Black Atlantic: Modern Cultures, Local Communities, Global Connections and The Politics of American Actor Training, both with Routledge.


Strange Fruits

(This piece is done as a woman who has come undone–she remembers herself as a little girl.)

(lights up on her singing/slurring bits of Strange Fruit)

…and the twisted mouf

I wasn’t always this way.

(With pride and power.)

I use to be smart.

History was my thing


Now I sing for my supper.

I use to be pretty.

They would—the men—would

play in my hair and say how

(She has difficulty saying this word)

be-au-ti-ful I was

I would sing

(she sings pieces of songs that she can remember)

Givin’ up is so hard to do when you love someone…

Members Only Salon

Lisa Huffaker, Christopher Carmona, Scooter Smith, Ichat: Janaka Stucky

Lisa Huffaker, Christopher Carmona, Scooter Smith, Ichat: Janaka Stucky
When: September 8th, 2010
Where: Kessler X+ Art Gallery

The WordSpace Reading Series at the Kessler X+ Art Gallery is held in partnership with The Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff. Originally built by Gene Autry, then destroyed by tornado, The Kessler has been beautifully resurrected as an arts/music complex. The new ambience maximizes our exciting presentations of both emerging and experienced writers, and mixes it up with our innovative use of web-cam-technology to broadcast live readings via Ichat/Skype, inter-connecting with writers from around the world. The events are held 2nd Wednesdays, as part of The Kessler’s Residency Nights of music. Begin the evening with Community Happy Hour, join us upstairs for the readings and check out their website to see who will be performing those nights!

Special Thanks to our friends –Owner, Edwin Cabiniss and Artistic Director, Jeffrey Liles.

Lisa Huffaker has sung with the Dallas Opera for ten years, is a member of Dancing Tongue performance poetry ensemble, an award winning poet and has been published by Southwest Review among other others. She comes to poetic language through a background of classical singing. In studying the world’s great art songs and opera libretti, she has delved into the work of great poets in their original languages, ranging from Rilke and Verlaine to Walt Whitman. Lisa’s poetry has been featured by Wordspace, The Dallas Poets’ Community, and Dancing Tongue, where her talents as a singer and a performance artist also come into play. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Boise State University and a Master of Music degree from the New England Conservatory. She resides in Dallas with her husband, poet Tim Cloward.

Below is an excerpt from Lisa’s reading at The Kessler.

Christopher Carmona hails from the Rio Grande Valley in Deep South Texas.  He is beat poet following in the tradition of beat poets like Jack Kerouac, Bob Kaufman, and Raul Salinas.  Much of his work works to redefine what it means to be ‘beat’ as a poet and scholar.  He is currently pursuing his PhD at Texas A&M University.  He has had poems published in the Writers’ Block and Beatlick Art & News.  Currently he is working on his first book of poetry simply titled beat and is editing an anthology of Beat Texas writings for UT Press with Chuck Taylor and Rob Johnson. Below is an excerpt from Christopher’s reading at The Kessler.

Scooter Smith is the art director and webmaster of Moonlady News, web illustrator and animator, videographer including in many video festivals. He will be sharing his moving video honoring those who died senselessly during the events of 9-11–”Our Live Like Rain”.

Janaka Stucky is the founder and managing editor of Black Ocean, and publishes the magazine Handsome. Since receiving his BFA from Emerson and an MFA in Poetry from Vermont College in 2003, he remains rooted in Boston—spending his life traveling, writing, and caring for the dead. Some of his poems appear or are forthcoming in: Denver Quarterly, North American Review, Redivider, and VOLT.

Janaka practices the perfection of effort while working on silent relationships with knives, pugilism, and a history of tentacles. He was recently voted “Boston’s Best Poet” for 2010 in the Boston Phoenix. He likes his whiskey neat and his music dirty.

Hosted by Karen X

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