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Monetizing Your Message: (CANCELLED)

Dr. Venus Opal Reese
Wordspace, 415 North Tyler Street
Free for Wordspace Members! 

As a service to WordSpace, Dr. Venus Opal Reese (aka Dr. Venus) will share her secrets in a special opportunity for authors, scholars, educators, artists, and poets who want to turn their story, writing or research into riches and reach new audiences, monetize their message, impact lives and make a boat-load of money!

Are you tired of doing great work–but only reach a small audience?
Are you ready to make big money from your creativity but don’t know how?
Are you sick of being the best kept secret because you are still getting the
word out ol’ school style–flyers, word of mouth, or mailings?
Do you have a mailing list but it’s dead and you want to breath life into it?
Are you sick and tired of being afraid of the Internet as an avenue to expand
your reach, but don’t know how to use it without selling out on your art?

If any of these strikes a cord, this is the workshop is JUST FOR YOU!
Give yourself a new way of seeing yourself and grant yourself permission to
prosper! Take creativity and turn it into cash Use copywriting as a creative form online
Take your talent and your story to build a brand that makes you money and
expands you into new markets you never imagined would pay for you words

Dr. Venus Opal Reese has turned her artistry as a writer and her research as a scholar into a lucrative six figure business that’s on the fast track to seven. And she has been able to do so without selling out! Her model is so effective,
one of her clients (She has clients ya’ll!) closed a 1.7 million dollar investment deal!

Her model works for organizations as well. Dr. Venus has been selected to do an
international speaking and media tour with eWomen Network, the largest women networking organization in North America, with 144 chapters and over half a
million members! Here is the kicker: everything she is doing she learned as a
poet, theatre artist and scholar. If she can do it–and trust me she is still an
artist who is sensitive about her sh$t–you can do the same!

Desireé Dallagiacomo


Desiree’ Dallagiacomo
When: Friday, January 20th 8pm
Where: Heros: 7402 Greenville Avenue

Desireé is an activist, teacher, writer, performer, and horror film fanatic. She has been a full-time teaching and performing artist since August of 2010. Desireé decided to leave her life in California when WordPlay Teen Writing Project offered her the dream job of teaching poetry in high schools and middle schools full-time. Desiree recently released her first album of spoken word poetry, “Hiding”. Born and raised in Chico, CA, she has made a home in Baton Rouge, LA. Desireé represented Baton Rouge at the National Poetry Slam on Louisiana’s first all-female national slam team. She is Baton Rouge’s current Grand Slam Champion. Desireé is an English major and is founder & curator of the LSU Writing Collective. She is the lead teaching artist for the Baton Rouge Poetry Alliance.

Desireé believes in spoken word and the slam because of what it does for the community. Through her writing, she captures images of what it means to grow up white, poor, and female in a world of color. In a sea of well-crafted masks, she bares everything on stage.

Co-Hosted by Alexandra Marie and RockBaby
WordSpace Board and Program Committee Member RockBaby, award winning poet, teacher, HBO Def Jam poet and Host of the Dallas Poetry Slam curates a monthly Dallas Poetry Slam Featured Reader Series for WordSpace. Founded in 1994 by Clebo Rainey and his wife Naomi, Dallas Poetry Slam is the oldest and most respected Poetry Slam in the Metroplex. Dallas Poetry Slam is a non-profit organization that promotes the performance and creation of poetry while cultivating literary activities and spoken word events in order to build audience participation, stimulate creativity, awaken minds, foster education, inspire mentoring, encourage artistic statement and engage the DFW community in the revelry of language. Dallas Poetry Slam provides an opportunity for local poets to compete as individuals and with a team on the local, regional and national level. Poets are exposed to art, language and culture from a network of poets and the general population in various cities throughout the United States. As a member of the Dallas Slam Team, one can develop team building, leadership, writing and performance skills along with greater pride as an artist representing the City of Dallas. 

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