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Dallas Poetry Slam Youth Series

When: Saturday, February 2
Where: Half Price Books, 5803 NW Hwy
Hosted by: Alexandra Marie and Joaquin Zihuatanejo

Dallas Poetry Youth Slam When: Every first Saturday at 4-6 pm Where: Half Price Books, 5803 E. NW Highway, Program Room- Hosted by: Alexandra Marie and Joaquin Zihuatanejo Half Price Books and WordSpace are honored to partner with Dallas Poetry Slam to bring Poetry and Slam outreach to area youth for workshops and performance.

OffWorld-WordSpace Science Fiction Club

What: OffWorld: The WordSpace Science Fiction Book Club
Where: WordSpace, 415 North Tyler St.
When: Thursday, December 11, 7 pm
Admission: FREE
Hosted by:  Phllip Washington
The Author: Neal Stephenson

To join OffWorld  or for more information contact Phillip Washington at or call WordSpace, 214-838-3554, ext. 2, Click here for the OffWorld Blog

If you are a science fiction fan, please read Section A below. If you are not currently a science fiction reader, please skip to Section B.


“Does your bucket list include things like “piercing the outer layers of corporate cyberstructures, surfing the burning neon matrix of the cosmic internet, picturesque holograms of your disembodied consciousness navigating 4 dimensional super-continuums?”

Do you have dreams of futuristic landscapes, cybernetic samurais, and psychic aliens? Have you ever wanted to travel through time?” “Do you see yourself living in future dystopias and utopias? We hear you loud and clear, You’re saying: “Yes As long as it ain’t as hot THERE as summer in Dallas.” We’d have to agree with you on that one.

Answering “Yes” to most of these questions indicates   a functioning imagination. And guess what? We have a place for you, and others like you. Join “OffWorld: The Official Dallas Science Fiction Book Club” today. Get ready to geek out, PhReAk out, and congregate with other kindred spirits who love Science Fiction literature.

(Please proceed to Section C, or read Section B just for the fun of it.)


Did you stop reading science fiction when you were fourteen years old? Is “1984″ the only science fiction novel you ever readand then only because it was assigned in class? Do you assume all science fiction novels are either based on Star Trek or cater to adolescent, male sexual fantasies?

Well, there is a whole new alien landscape out there, and WordSpace wants to explore it with you.

The current crop of science fiction writers are complex, funny, visionary, and scary-smart on topics most people will know little or nothing about before they change our world forever

OffWorld: The Official Dallas Science Fiction Book Club will introduce you to a new perspective of the present by examining visions of the future

 (Please proceed to Section C)


 Joining is easy and fun. Here is how OffWorld  works:

1)    Rather than reading a particular book, OffWorld will choose a writer to focus on for a three-month period.

2)    Club members may read one or several books by that author during the three months.

3)    The website Worlds Without End has generously offered to host discussion forums for OffWorld. The forums will feature ongoing discussions of individual books and general topics related to the author. Members can propose their own forum topics.

4)    During the three-month session, WordSpace will host two discussions on the author and his or her work at our Tyler Street storefront in Oak Cliff.

5)    During the three-month session, Half Price Books on Northwest Highway will also host a public meeting, this one with  a guest speaker from the scientific, medical, or tech community who will discuss a topic —anything from robotics to advances in molecular biology, as it relates to science fiction.

6)    Joining OffWorld is FREE. The sessions at Half Price Books will cost $10, but will be free to WordSpace members.

 Neal Stephenson  is our first OffWorld author. (Warning! Warning! Some of Mr. Stephenson’s books are 1000 pages long, but hey, you have three months to read one, and some are much shorter.)

Awaji features @ Dallas Poetry Slam

What: Awaji features @ Dallas Poetry Slam
When: December 21, 8 pm
Where: Heroes, 7402 Greenville Avenue

Born on December 26, 1976 in Detroit, Michigan, Awaji has always endeavored in the arts. His passion began with comic books illustration and then fiction novels. The first publicized book he read was “The Hobbit” at age 4. He loved drawing the “Peanuts” characters at that time and also had a great fascination for dragons. His art background progressed drawing still life nature. He has practiced virtually every media from sculpture to spoken word. In grade school he was awarded 1st place in the Mississippi National TSA (graphic design) competition 3 years consecutive from 1992 – 1995. He’s always had a love for creative writing but just recently began performing and reciting his work only 2 years ago. The challenge to be different is his only inspiration. Being cliché is his only peeve. He values originality as the most important thing any creator should be concerned with.

Awaji, November 2011

Wordspace and Deep Ellum Market present Dallas Poetry Slam

Who: Dallas Poetry Slam Featured Performers!
When: Saturday, December 15, 12pm
Where: Stage, Deep Ellum: Indiana and Malcom X

From noon-3, every hour on the hour, poets from the Dallas Poetry Slam pump up the jam Deep Ellum Outdoor Market with a 15 minute performance between music sets.

Dallas Poetry YOUTH Slam

What: Dallas Poetry YOUTH Slam
When: Every 1st Saturday at 4-6 pm
Where: Half Price Books, 5803 E. NW Highway, Program Room
Hosts: Alexandra Marie and RockBaby

Half Price Books and WordSpace  are honored to partner with Dallas Poetry Slam to bring Poetry and Slam outreach to area youth. Created by Alexandra Marie, a host and organizer for Dallas Poetry Slam.

Sophia Dembling Book Release and Signing Party

What: Sophia Dembling Book Release and Signing Party
When: Thursday, December 6, 7pm
Where: Barnes and Noble, Lincoln Park, NW Highway, across from Northpark Mall
Purchases at Barnes & Noble benefit WordSpace Dec. 6-11. Use this number when checking out in the store or online: 10877611

Sophia Dembling is a Dallas-based writer whose career as a professional introvert started with an essay on the website World Hum, which was so enthusiastically received that it led to The Introvert’s Corner, her blog on Psychology Today, which is so popular, it led to her latest book The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World, published by Perigee books.

Sophia started her writing career at The Dallas Morning News, where she wrote about music, fitness, and travel, among many other topics. As a freelance writer, she has published hundreds of articles and essays in newspapers and magazines and online.  Sophia’s other books include The Yankee Chick’s Survival Guide to Texas and The Making of Dr. Phil: The Straight-Talking True Story of Everyone’s Favorite Therapist.

Sophia lives in Oak Cliff, where it’s nice and quiet.

Special Thanks to Barnes & Nobles Booksellers and their Bookfair project for nonprofit organizations. Barnes and Noble will contribute a percentage from the sale of books bought the day of Sophia Dembling’s reception and book signing through December 11, in the store and online–a great opportunity to pick up gifts for the holidays and help a great organization!

See reviews of  The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World. in Publisher’s Weekly and  at Psych Central 

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