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Anne Waldman Writers Workshop @ Dallas Lit Hop

Writers Workshop with Anne Waldman

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Writers Workshop @ Dallas Lit Hop

CA Contrad: Writers Workshop

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Oak Cliff Bike Crawl @ Dallas Lit Hop


4 pm Verse and Rhythm @ Oak Cliff Cultural Center;

5 pm Laney Yarber, Tammy Gomez and Chris Merlick @ Mercado;

6 pm Isabella Ides, Christopher Carmona, Karen Minzer @ Lucky Dog Books;

7 pm Chuck Taylor, Ofelia Garza-Faz, Gabo Montemayor at Top Ten Records;

8 pmCA Conrad @ Texas Theater

10 pm X+ Poets @ Mighty Fine Arts;

CA Conrad is the winner of the 2018 Lambda Literary Award and author of seven books, the latest is titled While Standing in Line for Death (Wave Books, 2017). Conrad and his boyfriend Earth travel the world conducting workshops and rituals to heal our lands.  Conrad is a 2015 Headlands Art Fellow, and recipient of fellowships from Lannan Foundation, MacDowell Colony, Banff, Ucross, RADAR, and the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. He conducts workshops on (Soma)tic Poetry and Ecopoetics.  In an interview with Luke Degnan for BOMB Magazine’s BOMBlog, Conrad discusses an approach to poetry, which focuses on process and on engaging the permeability of the border between self and other. “Ultimately, I want my (Soma)tic poetry and poetics to help us realize at least two things. That everything around us has a creative viability with the potential to spur new thinking and imaginative output and that the most necessary ingredient to bringing the sustainable, humane changes we need and want for our world requires creativity in all lives, every single day.”

Charles “Chuck” Taylor Jr. is an American author of books of poetry, essay, short story, and novels who was born in Minneapolis but has lived most of his life in Texas. He is a professor of literature, teaches creative writing at Texas A&M and operates the small press Slough Press publishing from 1973-today. His contribution to building the literature scene in Texas includes activities as both a writer and publisher. He has published leading poets, fiction and non-fiction writers whose books have received numerous awards and were later published by larger presses. His own titles, such as the poetry collection What do You Want, Blood? received an Austin Book Award and regional critical acclaim. He is one of the legendary figures of the Austin–San AntonioDallas triangle culture that nurtured the eccentric, free-spirited independence of Texan bohemia and cross-cultural innovative creativity, especially in the literary arts. Taylor’s novel, Drifter’s Story, and his poetry book, Ordinary Life, explore the lives of the working poor. He has taught in the NEA Poets-in-the-Schools Program and was CETA Poet-in-Residence for the City of Salt Lake.

Christopher Carmona is a professor of creative writing at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley; co-editor of the Beatest State in the Union, featuring dozens of Dallas and Texas writers for their contemporary connection to Beat lineage writing. Carmona highlights the role of Beat lineage writers to Chicano writers in Texas.

Verse and Rhythm is an open mic and feature reading series, founded and hosted by Brenda Randall and Priscilla Rice.

Laney Yarber is a seminal figure in Dallas performance art, recipient of numerous awards and grants for work collaborated with Dallas Opera’s Phillip Lamb.

Poets on X+ is an open mic and feature reading series, founded and hosted by Opalina Salas.


Dallas Lit Hop @ Deep Ellum

4 pm: Deep Vellum Books: Rosalyn Story, Lisa Huffaker, Kendra Green, Joe Milazzo

5:30 pm-8:30 pm: Deep Ellum Art Company: Dallas Poetry Slam Youth Poets; Teatro Dallas; Dead White Zombies, Tejana Cosmica, Southern Outcasts, Pleasant Grove performance poetry group; San Antonio visual and spoken word artists, Amazing Hancock Brothers


History of Texas Alternative-Press @ Lit Hop

What: 25 years of WordSpace and History of Texas Alternative-Press
Where: Lucky Dog Books, 1152 N. Buckner Blvd., 75218
When: Saturday, April 6, 5 pm
Who: John Slate (City of Dallas Archivist), J. R. Compton (Iconoclast, Dallas Arts Revue), Karen Minzer (Austin Sun), Kirby Warnock (Buddy Magazine), Thorne Dyer (The Rag Blog), Resistencia.

A spirited panel of journalist and editors.

Lit Hop Kick Off with Oral Fixation @ Moody Performance Hall



Anne Waldman & Expo Crawl @ Dallas Lit Hop

WordSpace is please to announce that Anne Waldman will perform with Ambrose Bye on as Headliner of the 2019 Dallas Lit Hop.



5 pm Dallas Poetry Slam @ 8 Bells;

6 pm MadSwirl @ Craft & Growler;

7 pm Isaak Chavarria, Griselda Jane Castillo, Sergio Ramos, Ricardo Garza @ Las Almas Rotas;

8 pm Rage Tench, Joaquin Zihuatanejo, Anne Waldman & Ambrose Bye @ Sandaga 813

Anne Waldman has been a presence in the American literary scene since the 1960’s. As well as being the author of over forty books, she was has been a Guggenheim Fellow and is a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. In 1968 she established the St. Marks Poetry Project in New York City, which continues to be important venue for American poets. Along with Allen Ginsberg she founded, in 1974, the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. The Jack Kerouac School continues to be one of the most important creative writing programs in the country today. Throughout her career she has collaborated with artists and musicians including Bob Dylan, Thurston Moore, John Cage, and Meredith Monk. She annually curates dozens of diverse voices from around the globe to present their work and teach in the JK Summer Writing Program. Her latest book, Trickster Feminism, was released in 2018 and has garnered wide praise. . Her connections to Texas writers began in the 80s with Dallas based Paris Records and her Texas students and peers continue to provide a cross-pollinating network of influence on emerging writers in Dallas. Allen Ginsburg perhaps best captures the spirit of Anne Waldman. “I like Anne Waldman  best of all the women poets because she swings most and orates most and sings most…She also gets up like a dancing skeleton and makes wind through her bones!…She has affairs with books. She writes, publishes, copulates and gives birth to books. She teaches her apprentices to listen like Plato…She has affairs with sapphires, emeralds, amber, and rubies. She knocks me out. She thrills my bones. She is Anne Waldman.”

Ambrose Bye is a jazz musician and producer, owner of Fast Speaking Music. He teaches studio recording at Naropa University’s Summer Writing Program and has produced nearly fifty spoken word and jazz recordings. He has toured the world extensively as musical accompaniment to Waldman and numerous others.

Isaac Chavarria is a publisher focused on Latinix literary voice, living in Laredo.

Griselda Jane Castillo is an award winning writer living in Austin.

Mad Swirl is an open mic, feature reading series, blog and publisher, founded and hosted by Johnny Olson.

Dallas Poetry Slam is a 25 year old Dallas division of Poetry Slam Inc, founded by Clebo Rainey and currently directed by Sherrie Zantea. Dallas Youth Poets is the youth division of Dallas Poetry Slam, co-founded by WS and Dallas Poetry Slam and currently directed by Rage Tench.

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