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ArtSpeak: Moni Bell @ Mighty Fine Arts

When: Saturday, February 24
Where: Mighty Fine Arts, 409A N. Tyler Street, 75208
What: “It’s In The Water”

ArtSpeak is an artist performance showcase in conjunction with exhibition opening nights.

Moni Bell’s show “Release in Shadow” contains swirling imagery that lie somewhere in the cusp between wakefulness and slumber. There is a twilight aspect to her shape shifting drawings that seem to be morphing as you take them in. Her intent is contemplative absent serenity and monotony. She engages our attention with subtle jolts of invention and cathartic delerium. Her Artspeak performance of “It’s in the Water” features Moni Bell addressing issues ranging from Love to Garbage.

Moni Bell is a visual artist, musician, writer and performance artist. Her work has been shown in numerous galleries, including The Dallas Public Library and Mighty Fine Arts. Along with software superman, Max Bell, she teaches monthly youth computer education programming to the Dallas Public Library as “The Dallas Young Makers Club”. Monika recently performed in Thomas Riccio’s “Holy Bone” iteration of Dead White Zombies project and is the former co-curator of special events at Incense and Peppermints.



“Release in Shadow” by Moni Bell
Fraility of the mind
Reslience of the planet
Cruelty of the heart
Evil and kindness in nature
Unraveling here
Winding up there
Selfish,Ego dissolving
Ocean, Wind, Land
Rolling, Engulfing, Consuming
Thrashing, emerging
in shadow

LIT HOP! One Page Salon @ Wild Detectives


Thursday, April 12: One Page Salon (Winner, Best Austin Literary Series (The Statesman)
*Featuring local published authors reading one page of new works in progress
@ Wild Detectives
Hosted by Owen Egerton
Event Sponsor: Writers League of Texas
Curated by: Dee Mitchell

Lit Hop! One Page Salon @ The Wild Detectives

The Writers’ League of Texas Presents One Page Salon with Owen Egerton and guests
When: April 12, 7:30
Where: The Wild Detectives
Sponsored by Writers League of Texas and WordSpace

Oral Fixation – All Over The Map @ Moody Performance Hall


Oral Fixation – Stick Together @ Moody Performance Hall


Poets Prom – At The Hop!

When: April 21, 7 pm Red Carpet, 8 pm Let the Poets Prom Begin
Where: Common Desk
Hosted by: Brenda Randall and Priscilla Rice,  Theater Jones and Common Desk

What is this?
At a recent WordSpace event at Margo Jones Theatre, Brenda Randal was hosting. She looked around the room and said to herself, Wow, we should have a Prom here! So she’s been trying to put together a Poets Prom for the last year. We were never able to pull it off at the Margo Jones, but long story short, Lit Hop comes along and what could be more perfect? Boom. Theater Jones and Common Desk could be more perfect.

This literary themed evening of dressed up writers (dressed up per artists’ version of dressed up, that is) will be packed with performances and music. Prizes for different contributions to the Dallas lit scene. Red Carpet, Photo Booth, Cocktail Slam competition and more!

Lit Hop! Filmmaker Showcase with Paul Bryan and Richard Bailey

When: Wednesday, April 18: Paul Bryan and Richard Bailey, Filmmaker Showcase and Reading
Where: The Bath House Cultural Center, 7:30 pm Reception, 8 pm Film
Co-Hosted:  Dallas VideoFest and WordSpace

“Paul Bryan has made a new short film that amazes me. It’s a unique balance of daft and anagogic possibilities — a fun and provocative film, also pretty spooky. The title is CORDYCEPS AND CONVICTIONS. It is a religious film, one that practices a brave theology. Christianity is compared to a fungus that spreads through ants. It lives in an ant’s brain, controlling its movements, guiding it back to its colony. And there the brain explodes, spreading spores throughout the colony. All the ants are now carriers, their movements controlled by the fungi in their brains. This is a real thing. It’s called, colloquially, the Zombie Ant Fungus!
In Paul’s film, we meet Christian denizens of east Texas, where Paul lives. They speak in direct address to the camera, like a documentary, and give their Christian testimonies. But they’re also made up with weird spores and flakes taking over their faces. The images in this film are terrific, fascinating — DIY but very well-accomplished. Paul is a devout person who doesn’t accept easy answers to hard questions. He’s rather like Flannery O’Connor in this way.
Here is a trailer for Paul’s previous film, BELIEVE IT ANYWAY, which I wrote about for Glasstire.
To make a full evening with the film, I propose to read a few poems. I’m from a rural background and attended an old wood panel, single-room Baptist Church in a town of 100 people. I’m fascinated by the confluence of Christian legend, American folklore, and ancient Roman death cult mysteries that fuel the religious imagination in the rural south.
The downside of this program: There are few things more terrifying in all the world  than the religious imagination in the southern United States.”–Richard Bailey.

At The Hop! Expo Crawl


When: Saturday, April 14: Expo Crawl
Where: Sandaga, Craft & Growler, Los Almos Rotas, Eight Bells, Chi Gallery
Hosted by: WordSpace and The Writers Garret

2018 Dallas Lit Hop–The Expo Crawl

Poets on X+
Opalina Salas Founders/Host

Verse and Rhythm
Brenda Randall and Priscilla Rice Founders/Host

Dallas Poetry Slam Youth Poets
Rage Almighty/Host

Laney Yarber/Host

Monika Bell/Host

Special Thanks to our partners The Writers Garret!

Lit Hop Kick Off! The Lollapalooza of Dallas Performance LIt


When: Saturday, April 7, 5-9
Where: Deep Ellum Art Company
What: Multi-media showcase of slam, rap, dance and performance art


Dead White Zombies
(Thomas Riccio & Co.)

The Summit: MC 900 Ft. Jesus-Decadent Dub Team
(Mark Griffin and Jeff Liles)

Jessica Thomas
Independent dance artist)

Dancing Tongue
(Tim Cloward, Lisa Huffaker, Fran Carris)

Faded Deejays
Rafael Tamayo, Ekzile, Mutemor, Soi, Lil Chris, Nemeses, Storm, Roc-it)

Julissa Martinez

Southern Outcasts
(Mike Johnson, KL, Jenoba)


Robert Trammell Founders Day @ Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture


What: Founders Day  and Lit Hop preview highlighting the work of WordSpace founder, Robert Trammell
When: Thursday, April 5, 7 pm
Who: David Searcy, Ben Fountain, Jerry Kelley, Frederick Turner, Tim Cloward, Martha Heimberg
Hosted by: Charles Dee Mitchell and Dr. Larry Allums

Robert Trammell led the founding of WordSpace, along with Adrienne Cox Clay, Jerry Kelley and a few other close friends in 1994. Trammell was as an advocate for city funded arts organizations and programmed his new arts organization in close collaboration with Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture. His complete works are housed at Austin College and have been included in numerous anthologies. His legacy continues today. WordSpace remains committed to Robert Trammell’s perspectives to pay Dallas writers and his focus on

contemporary thought, human rights values, sustainable environment and explorations in imaginative language, its fusions and interdisciplinary cross pollinations. These values have characterized WordSpace programming from the start and continue to day.

This event features a few historic artist friends of Robert’s from the world of Dallas intelligentsia, all of which who have been active collaborators in WordSpace programming since the beginning.

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