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Aaron Teel: Reading and Book signing

What: Aaron Teel: Reading and Book signing
: Saturday, October 13, 7 pm
Where: Lucky Dog Books, 633 West Davis St. (Oak Cliff)
Hosted by: Opalina Salas, Dallas poet and publisher

Aaron Teel is the author of “Shampoo Horns”, winner of the Sixth Annual Rose Metal Press Short Short Chapbook Award. His work has appeared previously in Tin House, Monkeybicycle, Matter Press, Brevity Magazine, North Texas Review, Side B Magazine, and others, and his debut collection is forthcoming from Rose Metal Press. He teaches Language Arts and English as a Second Language and is a workshop instructor for Badgerdog Literary Publishing in Austin, TX.

Kim Vodicka and Ben Kopel are on the road from Louisiana!

What: Kim Vodicka and Ben Kopel…on the road from Louisiana!
Where: Lucky Dog Books, 633 West Davis
When: Friday, June 22, 7pm
Admission: FREE, with Refreshments!

Help celebrate the opening of the new Lucky Dog Books (formerly Paperbacks Plus) in Oak Cliff with some hospitality writers making their US rounds this summer with their new chapbook.
They will be reading and signing copies of their work.

Poet Kim Vodicka grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana and received her B.A. in English from UL Lafayette in 2010. She is currently working on her M.F.A. in Poetry at LSU, where she is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Co-Coordinator of Delta Mouth Literary Festival 2012. Kim is an avid lover of music, hosts a psychedelic rock show, “Shangri-La-La Land,” on KLSU, and is involved in musical-poetic projects. She believes that poems want to be songs very badly, and she can recite most of her work from memory. She is the author of the self-published chapbook “Hustle”, featuring poems and collages constructed from pornographic literature. Her artwork has been published in Tenderloin, and her poems have been published in Shampoo, Ekleksographia, and Dig. “Aesthesia Balderdash” (Trembling Pillow 2012) is her first full-length collection.

Praise for Aesthesia Balderdash:
“Belatedly—like everything we wait for—Kathy Acker’s great, I mean really great, grand‐daughter appears…in Louisiana, naturally (or un‐naturally). Her ‘blood runneth cheesecake’ who penneth this collection of see-sick lyrics drunk w/ semantic play and painful as ‘all lights…even stars.’Vodicka’s Aesthesia Balderdash sisters the disaster of gender in ways that matter: ‘chronically, / abashedly, / rosily, cockily, / dazzlingly.’ Not for the faint of art, ….”–Laura Mullen

Ben Kopel was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1983. He holds degrees from Louisiana State University, The Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and The University of Massachusetts Amherst MFA Program for Poets and Writers. He currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he teaches creative writing and English literature to high school students. He is the author of a chapbook, “Because We Must” (Brave Men Press), and his work has been published injubilat, Conduit, The New Delta Review, Makeout Creek, Everyday Genius, and elsewhere. “Victory” (H_NGM_N Books 2012) is his first full-length collection.

Praise for Victory:
“Meteoric as pop songs, as fist-fights between best friends, Ben Kopel’s poems blaze out like declarations of love and vendetta spray-painted on overpasses. Victory is raw and tender as a crying-jag, while being full of a new savagery’s swagger and grace.”
–Dean Young

WordSpace is pleased to partner with Lucky Dog Books to present a booksigning, hosted by Intern Director, Jessica Tolbert of Oberlin College.

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