The Poetic Messes of Karen X’s

What: The Poetic Messes of Karen X’s
When: Saturday, April 14, 7-9 (Tyler-Davis 2nd Saturday Block Party)
Where: WordSpace, 415 North Tyler Street

Karen X has moved so many places, she’s had a hard time keeping up. Help Karen get back on track and find her poems, scattered all over the place. She will be rifling through drawers and file cabinets, reading from her work as she goes. Bring a poem of your own to fill in for her inevitably distracted  good-will hostessing.  She’ll have an electric piano  if you want to play along. Or bring an electric bass or guitar. It will be a Houseshoes-and-Hoodie Floor Show.

Karen X aka Karen Minzer is program director of WordSpace–At Your Service!–and has been, in turn, a teen mess, a beat hippie mess, a punk mess, a rehab mess, and a yoginic mess–everywhere and nowhere, with everyone and noone,  still looking for her Sufi triumph.


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