Monika Bowman Bell

Monika Bowman Bell : In your sleep by black sheet curtains hung with tacks

Monika Bowman uses imagery of the natural world to reflect riddles of the human mind within her visual, performative, musical and written works. She has showcased and performed all over Dallas since 2009. Camping, meditation, ocean waves on warm days, and writing achy songs for her band, Mad Mother Goblin, gives her the ultimate joy. Her story, Born Hearts Upside Down has been published by HerStry Blog. @madmothergoblin |

in your sleep by black sheet curtains hung with tacks

My breasts are

dunes of sand

relaxed and moving

wild is the wind on 

horizon’s heated chorus

I sing, cling to me

oasis, you glisten

lowly rambling for 

strike of boons

infinite span of desert miles

shifting mountain ranges

paths afloat, stifled 

swollen forces of

the dunes groan in

trepidation of parting

wavering voices

defensive banshees

violent humming sears

consumed and consuming

Surrounding and surrounded 

one by one and all at once

swift rippling waves

a dry ocean, a top

once the bottom

static limbs beneath 

rumbling blankets

await atomic effleurage

coiled drums shatter

nourished hearts 

a mirage of plenty

trickling shivers 

down the incline

keening within

release with solicitude

I fly away scathed

grain by grain

like dew to foggy vapor.

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