Summer Culture Melt: Anant Kumar, Charley Moon and Bunny Trahan

 Charley Moon and Bunny Trahan join Anant Kumar, as he pitstops his Greyhound ride around the U.S. teaching, meditating, reading his poems and sleeping on the floors of ashrams and American bookstores.

What: Summer Culture Melt
Anant Kumar, Charley Moon and Bunny Trahan
When: Friday, August 9, 7:30 pm
Where: Lucky Dog Books, 633 West Davis (Oak Cliff)
What else: Refreshments Served
And: Free


Anant Kumar was born in the Northeastern Indian state Bihar. He learned German as a foreign language in New Delhi before he moved to Germany in 1991 to study German literature and linguistics. He has published 13 books of prose and poetry.  His most recent book is “Fredo A German Voice”. He is a member of the Association of German Authors and Literary Society of Hessen and has been awarded numerous prestigious prizes.



Charley Moon is a poet, photographer, designer, and beauty queen of Dallas night life. One of Dallas’s seminal neo-beat writers, she has presented her work in galleries, theaters, universities, nightclubs and festivals. Her photography has been featured at the South Dallas Cultural Center and many other venues. WordSpace is honored to present Charley Moon as homeland cultural ambassador in this event.


408928_2504442384811_1468218184_nBunny Trahan is 19 years old, born in Corpus Christi, raised in Dallas, living in Chicago and Home For The Summer. She’s been studying and creating art at School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a year and loves flowers.

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