Angela Ards Book Release Salon

Friday, February 5,  7:30 pm

Book Release: Words of Witness: Black Women’s Autobiography in the Post-Brown Era (University of Wisconsin Press)

Bonus: Darryl Dickson-Carr will conduct an interview with Professor Ards

Bonus #2: Hosted by Sanderia Faye

RSVP for location: 214-838-3554,

Angela Ards has published extensively on African American literature and culture in the post-civil rights era, a historical moment that demands recalibrated ways of thinking about black identity as questions of gender and class complicate allegiances and agendas previously based on race.  Her book examines how writers bring their lived experience to bear on crafting both a language and a politic that might account for this new stage of African American history. She received her PhD from Princeton University and teaches at SMU. 

“Ambitious, timely, engaging, and provocative. Angela Ards, erudite and remarkably widely read, situates her analysis of a new political ethic grounded in black women’s experience at the intersection of autobiography studies, feminism, black literary history, and cultural and political theory.”
—Julia Watson, coeditor of Women, Autobiography, Theory: A Reader



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