Art Speed Bump Tour 2016 with Sweatloaf

Here’s the Skinny:

Oak Cliff

13198450_10208629865999295_1464303529905912932_oThe artists of Oak Cliff welcome you into their homes and studios for the 2016 Visual SpeedBump Art Tour. Come out and see artists in their natural habitat and be amazed by all the creativity in “the Cliff”. The tour begins at noon on Saturday May 21st and runs until 6pm. This one-day event is Free and open to the public. Printed maps will be available at each stop.
ArtSpeak @ Mighty Fine Arts invites you out for a day of cultural over stimulation Oak Cliff style at the 2016 edition of the OC Visual Speedbump Tour. This is a real life art community sharing some face time and conviviality and complimentary beverages. Check out MFA Gallery for the gawd almighty awesome Clay Stinnett show “Texican Spaghetti Wrestling” and artist will be available for consultations. Also select work available from Leah Hairston, Matt Bagley, Andy Don Emmons and Steve Cruz. And join us at the Speedbump Tour Afterparty with another Wordspace presents Artspeak event featuring Sweatloaf! Yes the Sweatloaf has been reanimated and bio-degraded from their “medical” procedures and will pay tribute to the Butthole Surfers with their own unholy blend of punk, art rock, metal and psychedelic. Performance at 8:30ish! Free! Mighty Fine Arts is located at 409A N.Tyler in Historic North Oak Cliff. For more info and a map of the Visual Speedbump Art Tour:

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