ArtSpeak @ MFA Gallery

Who: Inferno Texino: Andy Don Emmons, Clay Stinnett, Jason Cohen, Brad Wthrd, Mark Martinek
What: ArtSpeak
When: Saturday, August 6th
Where: Mighty Fine Arts, 409A Tyler St., 75208


Wordspace presents Artspeak with the legendary post skills ensemble “Inferno Texino” featuring the reknown Andy Don Emmons, Clay Stinnett, Brad Wthrd, Jason Cohen and Mark Martinek. The Inferno Texino clan are known to subvert sounds and rhythm into a liberating miasma of sonic transendence, This is music that pushes beyond the avant garde in order to arrive at the raw and elemental. Can you dance to it? Damn straight! So get your ears inflamed and motivate your lower chakra with the Inferno Texino Experience! You will be blessed as your mind gets undressed!
ArtSpeak performances are in conjunction with exhibition openings at Mighty Fine Arts.

In this exhibition, “B.A.’s Co-Creational Vortex” features new work by Brett Ardoin. This show opens Sat. Aug 6 with a reception for the artist from 6-9pm and will run till Sunday Sept. 11. Mighty Fine Arts is located at 409A N.Tyler in Historic North Oak Cliff 75208. “Brett” Ardoin was evoked in the primordial back waters of South Louisiana where the infernal humidity seeped into his brainpan and simmered into a seething excess of imagination. His seminal years were filled with the usual sordid episodes of wanton youth, casual sex and substances, filtered through a swampadelic haze of cultural misappropriation. Somehow he managed to transport himself across the state line to Dallas in order to align himself with more appreciative sensibilities. His “unique” presence found receptive acclaim and he unveiled his bold aesthetic agenda. He has declared himself a Co-Creative Performance Art Improvisational Magic Vibrationalist (Ladies Beware!} The fruits of his labor are finally revealed here in his inaugaral exhibit filled with furious gonzo energy and exuberance that isn’t afraid of sensory overload or “good taste” or disquieting conclusions. Step into the realm of the “B.A.” and get steeped in the vortex of the Co-Creational. 

August 6, 9 pm

WordSpace presents performative work in conjunction with his exhibition opening at Mighty Fine Arts on September 17 at 9 pm. MFA Gallery is located at 409A N. Tyler St., Dallas, Tx in historic North Oak Cliff neighborhood west of downtown Dallas.

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