Chris Merlick @ Mighty Fine Arts

Who: Chris Merlick
What: Artspeak
When: April 18, 9pm
Where: Mighty Fine Arts, 409A North Tyler Street (Oak Cliff)

Wordspace presents Chris Merlick and his DuchampaphonesR.Mutt has traveled 100 years into the future to fulfill Marcel Duchamp’s intent by bringing his found bicycle wheel sculpture to fruition with kinetics and music! Chris will harmonize his melodic improvisations with the spinning of the wheel while Professor R.Mutt plays chess beneath the urinal challenging all “comers”.
WordSpace is honored to partner with Mighty Fine Arts to present poetics and performance art in conjunction with Glenn Downing’s exhibition opening.
The unheralded work of Glenn Downing doesn’t abide by all those dogmatic contemporary art contextualizations. Because Glenn is a true Texas original, a genuine hickster Art genius and a bonafied wacko from Waco. His Art veers precariously between full of shit and full of brilliance, without any apologies, he lays the whole deal out for you. And maybe you might be ready, willing and able to be acculturated, and maybe you’ll be amazed at the width and breadth of invention and humor, and maybe you’ll be invigorated and engaged with that rare something known as imaginative vision. All speculation aside, come out to the opening and talk to the old so and so hisself and I wont have to explain myself so much, you’ll just know you know.


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