ArtSpeak: Moni Bell @ Mighty Fine Arts

When: Saturday, February 24
Where: Mighty Fine Arts, 409A N. Tyler Street, 75208
What: “It’s In The Water”

ArtSpeak is an artist performance showcase in conjunction with exhibition opening nights.

Moni Bell’s show “Release in Shadow” contains swirling imagery that lie somewhere in the cusp between wakefulness and slumber. There is a twilight aspect to her shape shifting drawings that seem to be morphing as you take them in. Her intent is contemplative absent serenity and monotony. She engages our attention with subtle jolts of invention and cathartic delerium. Her Artspeak performance of “It’s in the Water” features Moni Bell addressing issues ranging from Love to Garbage.

Moni Bell is a visual artist, musician, writer and performance artist. Her work has been shown in numerous galleries, including The Dallas Public Library and Mighty Fine Arts. Along with software superman, Max Bell, she teaches monthly youth computer education programming to the Dallas Public Library as “The Dallas Young Makers Club”. Monika recently performed in Thomas Riccio’s “Holy Bone” iteration of Dead White Zombies project and is the former co-curator of special events at Incense and Peppermints.



“Release in Shadow” by Moni Bell
Fraility of the mind
Reslience of the planet
Cruelty of the heart
Evil and kindness in nature
Unraveling here
Winding up there
Selfish,Ego dissolving
Ocean, Wind, Land
Rolling, Engulfing, Consuming
Thrashing, emerging
in shadow

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