ArtSpeak with Chris Merlick and the Duchampaphone

What: ArtSpeak
Who: Chris Merlick and the Duchampaphone
Where: Mighty Fine Arts, 409 A N. Tyler Street, 75208
When: Saturday, June 18, 8:30 pm
Hosted by: Steve Cruz

untitledWordspace presents Artspeak with a performance by the incredible Chris Merlick and his Duchampaphone! Chris takes the iconic Duchampian found object bicycle wheel sculpture and morphs it into a captivating musical device. Literally spinning out beats and songs Chris expands on Duchampian notions with true Dadaesque fervor and mad invention! A Duchampaphone performance is just the thing to liberate yourself from the tired Art Canon and becoming a Dada Apostate!



ArtSpeak is a performance art series in conjunction with exhibition openings at Mighty Fine Arts.

13323745_10208810002742601_1472994368499410953_oThis exhibition is entitled “Sock Monkeys, Fish, Robots and Aliens, Oh My!” featuring new work by Monique Jannette with a reception for the artist on Sat June 18 6-9pm and running till July 31. The first thing you might notice on meeting Monique Jannette is the wheelchair and her disablity but then you engage in conversation and her charm and intelligence emerge and you realize her limitations are secondary in defining her identity. She is incredibly accomplished with a Bachelor of Science in Geology from UTA and a Doctorate in Jurisprudence from SMU, she’s a two time paralympian competing in Seoul Korea and Barcelona Spain, and she plays piano. As an artist she’s an autodidact but her work reveals a rich and imaginative inner narrative. Her images describe fantastical situations, characters and inventions imbued with playful wit and humor. Her sensibility is genuinely ebullient and reflect a love of craft and art making and story telling. Come to the Opening and expect to be unduly impressed and visit with Monique and enjoy a complimentary adult beverage.

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