Expo Park Crawl


Can there be a Lit Hop without a Pub Crawl? No, there cannot.

This years Literary Pub Crawl is co-hosted by The Writer’s Garret.  It takes place in the Expo Park area, at venues located along Exposition Avenue and Parry Street.

5 pm: Eight Bells Alehouse, 831 Exposition Ave

Dallas Youth Poets

Hosted by Rage Almighty and Terry Odis

Featuring winners of Dallas’ competition team for Brave New Voices.



6 pm: Las Almas Rotas, 3615 Parry Avenue

Verse and Rythmn

Hosted by Priscilla Rice and Brenda Randall

Featuring: Sergio Ramos, Tara Humphrey, Lynishia Smith

Followed by Open Mic!



 7 pm:  Craft and Growler, 3601 Parry Avenue

Art Speak

Hosted by Moni Bell

Featuring Laney Yarber, Moni Bell & Chris Merlick & The Duchampaphone



8 pm: Sandaga, 813 Exposition Ave

Poets on X+

Hosted by Opaline Salas


Hector Ortiz, Kristine Spinner, Altaf Tyrewala, Carlos Salas


Special Thanks to our partners The Writers Garret!

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