Awaji features @ Dallas Poetry Slam

What: Awaji features @ Dallas Poetry Slam
When: December 21, 8 pm
Where: Heroes, 7402 Greenville Avenue

Born on December 26, 1976 in Detroit, Michigan, Awaji has always endeavored in the arts. His passion began with comic books illustration and then fiction novels. The first publicized book he read was “The Hobbit” at age 4. He loved drawing the “Peanuts” characters at that time and also had a great fascination for dragons. His art background progressed drawing still life nature. He has practiced virtually every media from sculpture to spoken word. In grade school he was awarded 1st place in the Mississippi National TSA (graphic design) competition 3 years consecutive from 1992 – 1995. He’s always had a love for creative writing but just recently began performing and reciting his work only 2 years ago. The challenge to be different is his only inspiration. Being cliché is his only peeve. He values originality as the most important thing any creator should be concerned with.

Awaji, November 2011

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