Javon at Dallas Poetry Slam


When: September 19, 2014 at 8 pm
Where: Heroes, 7402 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX 75231
Hosted by: Alexandra Marie
Admission: $5, WS Members Free

Javon Rustin, known as Floetic in his home state of North Carolina, is a self-proclaimed philosopher (described as goofy amongst friends and possibly a few strangers). He believes a poet is just a philosopher who hides behind a microphone or a notebook or both. His artistry began with short book writings as early as first grade when he would scribble the stories he daydreamed of while his cousin would draw the pictures. With age came a love for hip-hop (his mom was a huge Biggie fan) and freestyling became his next artistic venture. Sometimes he’d write raps and compete with friends in front of small neighborhood crowds.

His first poem was not written until he reached the age of thirteen when his youth minister had to force him to write something for the church because he didn’t think poetry was “cool”. Until attending college at North Carolina A&T State University, churches and girlfriend(s) were the only audiences for this art. While in college, Javon had the privilege of meeting phenomenal artists that encouraged him to shed his shy skin and perform for others. They helped to expand his subject matter from strictly religion and love stories to include a broader scope of real life scenarios that he hopes will bring forth greater liberty and consciousness for his listeners and readers. Because of this, Javon usually finds inspiration in other poets, life scenarios, any given advice, and creative word usage (wordplay).

Since shedding the shy skin that kept him away from stages, Javon has gone on to perform in cities and venues all over North Carolina as well as in DC and Tennessee before moving to Texas after graduation in 2013. He is currently as software developer who spits every chance he gets. He hopes to improve upon his writing and performance skills and one day accomplish his dream of being a full time writer/performer. He believes that as long as there is a life to learn, there are words to be written.


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