Danielle Inez

What: WordSpace 3rd Fridays @ Dallas Poetry Slam
When: Friday, March 20, 8 pm
Admission: $5, Free to WS Members
Hosted by: RockBaby and GNO

Before she could write poetry, Danielle Inez was always moved to express herself artistically. As early as five years old, she recalls making construction paper books with pictures that told stories she created with an endless imagination. At the age of 12, she wrote her first poem “The Cloudless Sky”. This poem reminded her that her dreams were only as significant as she made them. This poem also sparked a passion for poetry that drove her write everyday. By 17, she joined the Creative Writing Club at her high school. Soon, she was chosen to be Poet of the Month for writing one of her all time favorite poems “Black Rose”. She diligently participated in poetry contests for recognition and scholarships but, she was not able to achieve much success at that time. So, Danielle decided to stick with writing just for the love of poetry and she began avoiding the pressure of competitions. Then in college, she found it rewarding to simply share her poetry with people who desired to hear. So in her early twenties she felt inspired to do spoken word as a means of empowering others. As she continues this journey to reach and teach through the art of poetry, her greatest desire is to be true so that others will be moved to be true also. The most powerful lesson she has learned so far is to let integrity be a reward in itself.


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