Darin Bradley @ First Hearings, with Merritt Tierce

When: November 9, 7:30 pm
Where: The Wild Detectives, 314 W. Eighth St, Dallas 74208
Hosted by: Charles Dee Mitchell
Q/A: Merritt Tierce

bradleyDarin Bradley’s “Dystopian Cluster” of novels began in 2010 with Noise, a tale of young people training to be the ruthless survivors of the societal collapse they see hurtling towards them. Chimpanzee (2014) chronicled life in this changed world where dispirited people make do in the new police state and elective mental illness becomes the fashion.

WordSpace hosted Darin at The Wild Detectives for the release of Chimpanzee. On November 9 we are pleased to have him return with Totem, the final book in the cluster. He has moved the action to the far future, or possibly a parallel world, where religion has gone viral and Big Brother works hand in hand with UNESCO.

In addition to his three novels, Darin Bradley has written scripts for id Software, the gaming company behind such iconic titles as Quake and Rage. He is also the founding editor-in-chief and the design director of Farrago’s Wainscot, an ezine of the literary weird. Goliad Media is his independent publishing, recording, and art production housed based in Denton, Texas, where he live with his wife.


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