Darius Safavi

Darius Safavi
When: Saturday April 21th, 8 pm
Where: WordSpace, 415 North Tyler St.

“Be It Resolved That Pluto’s Planetary Status Shall Be Reclassified To
Dwarf Planet”
by Darius Safavi

Darius Safavi returns to WordSpace after his sold out shows of “Plutonium Games” at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary to read an excerpt from his next production scheduled for 2013.

Darius Safavi’s directing credits include The Story Lenny Bruce Never Told (Teatro Dallas), The Secret War (Dallas Hub Theatre), The Desecrated Ziggurat (The Milagro Theater), Ambulance Dance (Altered Stages), and The Bald Soprano (KD Studios). For more information, visit his website.

Hosted by WordSpace Program Director, Karen X Minzer

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