Ex Libris @ Dallas Video Festival

WordSpace is honored to co-sponsor with the Dallas Video Fest a screening of Ex Libris, a film directed by Frederick Wiseman.

During his distinguished fifty-year career as a documentary filmmaker, Wiseman has produced in-depth and award-winning films on subjects ranging from the incarceration of the mentally ill (Titicut Follies, 1967), the Paris Opera Ballet (La Danse, 2009), and the his 2011 behind-the-scenes look at the most chic nude review in Paris at The Crazy Horse Saloon.

Ex Libris is a three-hour celebration of the New York Public Library that has won rave reviews at every showing. (It boasts that most elusive of honors, a 100% Ripe rating on Rotten Tomatoes.) New York Times critic Manhola Dargis writes, “He sweeps into atriums and down corridors, pauses in reading and meeting rooms, and lays bare this complex, glorious organism that is the democratic ideal incarnate.”

If you love books, if you love libraries, and if you love movies — do not miss this chance to see Wiseman’s masterpiece on the big screen.

Enjoy the preview here

When: October 7, 11 am
Where: Studio Movie Grill, 10110 Technology Drive, Dallas 75220

Frederick WisemanCredit: Erik Madigan Heck/Zipporah Films

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