Fluid Imagery

Fluid Imagery
When: December 3rd, 2010
Where: The Boiler Room

Fluid Imagery is a poet, orator, songstress, edifier, spoken word artist mother and realist. It is her belief that words can be used to heal, hurt, soothe, relate, edify and uplift. She uses the gifts that she has been blessed with to bring an awareness of issues that all people face. She believes that life and death lies in the power of the tongue and that you have to speak good things into existence. She also believes that if you dont know the past, it can haunt your present and distort your future.  Her style of poetry blends song with prose to tell stories of injustice, love, pain, desires, and life. It has been branded transparent poetry as she often puts a face to the pain people go through but dare not mention. She writes snippets of her life in every piece that is penned. It is her desire to be a blessing to others through poetry, prose and psalms. Fluid Imagery… I speak……… therefore.. .I AM!!!.

Hosted by Rock Baby and Alexandra Marie

Dallas Slam Featured Reader

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