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Wordspace supports and celebrates the creative use of language, we sponsor over 50 events a year including: Author Readings, Book Signings, Poetry Slams, Performance Art and Songwriting.

Since 1994, WordSpace has presented programs with thousands of writers across a broad interdisciplinary spectrum. We are proud to support emerging writers and the Texas arts communities.

In addition to emerging writers, WordSpace have also presented such luminaries as Robert Creeley, Townes Van ZandtRay Wylie Hubbard, Jeffrey LilesJames KelmanDagoberto Gilb, Terry Allen, Ben Fountain, Ed Sanders, Andrei Codrescu, Dan Savage, Amy Sedaris, Nikki Giovanni, Sandra Bernhard, John Waters, Laurie Anderson, Johnny Dolphin, Anne Waldman, Philippines PEN award recipient, Edwin Cordevilla, Persian exiles-in-London poets, Abol Froushan and Ali Abdolrezaei, Korea’s Presidential Award recipient Tae Joo Jah,  Our Summer Internship Program hosts young writers from universities around the country and we create programs to give voice and venue to area youth.


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