John Slate: Confessions and Revelations of a Teen Punk Fanzine Editor

What: Salon with John Slate
When: February 11, 7 pm
Where: Private Residence, RSVP for Location: Wordspace@WordSpace.Us

John Slate presents an entertaining evening of powerpoint, handouts and reconteurship relating to his years in Austin as a teen punk zine editor.  John has presented other Salon topics such as “Outlaw Poetics” featuring the work of Bonnie Parker, Candy Barr and others. 

John-Slate-John H. Slate is the archivist for the City of Dallas, where he is responsible for historic city government records in the Dallas Municipal Archives. Slate is the author of “Lost Austin,” a recently published book in the “Images of America” series. “Lost Austin” records some of the city’s rich and unique history and most of the images depicted in the book are of seminal Austin places and institutions that no longer exist but that played an important role in shaping Austin’s special character. He is also the author of “Historic Dallas Parks” and “Dealey Plaza.”


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