Lit Hop! Hidden Scribes @ Wild Detectives

What: HIDDEN SCRIBES, Live podcast recording
When: Thursday, April 26, 7 pm
Who: Jesus Galvan, Aubrey Moraif and Ben E. Fountain
Hosted by: Mark Millien, Blake Kimzey and Charles Dee Mitchell

Hidden Scribes is a podcast project of Mark Millien’s that share stories of emerging writers. The stories in their heads and the stories of themselves. They score their work with music and sound effects and support them in fostering an audience. His website, Seven Sages is the platform for numerous literary projects.

At his core, Mark is a storyteller who reveres the ability of a narrative to transform those who are exposed to its heart. Mark attended Morehouse College and, while there, discovered that his creative impulses ran the gamut. He pursued degrees in Theater, English and Psychology while performing in the Baldwin Burroughs Theater and writing hundreds and hundreds of pages of his own prose. Today Mark’s stories can be found in web editorials, on his podcast, and clustered in a leather binder inscribed with his wife’s name.

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