Room for Beauty

“In the throws of the first covid quarantine, 2020, I returned to my life which had been shut down, anticipating a year of travel.  Mexico, the expected first leg, took me to Guadalajara, where I met a wonderful art compatriot, Lou Garza, Professor of art at Monterrey Tec, Guadalajara.  Apparent, after one month, my year of travel was cancelled, as was a collaborative piece in the works for Lou’s class at the university.

This home movie represents the confusion of exile and return, where nothing will ever be the same.  Pagan musings, aided by my youtube gurus; and inspired by the tumult of pandemic, and the murder of George Floyd, I find a transformation thru trauma and sin-eaters of the world, with nature as savior.  Video ends at 6:15, music continues for live performance accompaniment.  Music by Jaap Blonk and Ronald Shannon Jackson, Sun Calling. “

Laney and The Tiger, Thailand /w/ son, Joe Flaten, not seen

One of Texas’s most celebrated performance artist Laney Yarber brings her charismatic and free associative magnetism to The Dharma Beauty Pageant. Laney Yarber is an artist whose work and influence has had a important impact on the state’s cultural life. Her work is part history (personal-area-occult), part installation, often multi-media, with great mastery of the craft of theater, sculpture, spoken word, and visual special effects. She is the recipient of  many awards and grants, studied with Robert Wilson, and is an original cast member of Dharma Broads I-III. Laney leaves her fans and even her diva-to-diva antagonists crying for more. Never enough. Never enough.

Partners: the great jazz musician, Ronald Shannon Jackson + Laney Yarber:
Ronald Shannon Jackson’s music is featured at the end of Make Room for Beauty

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