Pull My Daisy and Conversations In Vermont: VideoFest

What: Robert Frank’s Pull My Daisy and Conversations in Vermont
When: September 29, 12 pm,
Where: DALLAS VIDEO FESTIVAL: Horchow Theater, Dallas Museum of Art
Admission: $6 Individual tickets, Special prices for festival passes, day passes, and other discounted tickets can be found at http://videofest.org/tickets/FULL SCHEDULE : 9/27-9/30

In conjunction and partnership with the 25th Annual Dallas Video Festival, and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts Curator of Film and Video, Marian Luntz, Wordspace is greatly honored to sponsor screenings of Robert Frank‘s films Pull My Daisy, and Conversations in Vermont.

Pull My Daisy is a classic look at the soul of the beat generation, made with writers Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso Peter Orlovsky and painters Alfred Leslie, Larry Rivers, and Alice Neel. It was written and narrated by Kerouac, based on his unproduced play The Beat Generation. It tells the story of a bishop (Richard Bellamy) and his mother (Alice Neel) who pay a visit to Milo, a railroad worker. At the same time his poet friends, Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, and Gregory Corso, hang around quizzing the bishop about the meaning of life and its everyday relationship to art and poetry. Pull My Daisy is recognized as one of the most important works of avant-garde cinema.

Conversations in Vermont is about Robert Frank’s relationship with his children Pablo and Andrea. Photographed by Ralph Gibson, it is his first overtly autobiographical film. He follows his children to school in Vermont and interviews them about their feelings, their upbringing and what it was like to grow up in a bohemian world with artists as parents. In searching for answers about his children’s lives, Frank is questioning his own world.




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