ArtSpeak: Moni Bell and Mad Mother Gobblin

What: ArtSpeak:Moni Bell and Mad Mother Gobblin
When: Saturday, July 18, 9 pm
Where: Mighty Fine Arts, 409A N. Tyler in Historic North Oak Cliff 75208
Wordspace presents Artspeak @ Mighty Fine Arts with a performance by “Mad Mother Goblin” featuring Moni Bell and Haley and Ruben Salazar in conjunction with “Breakin The Food Chain” opening reception begins at 6 pm for new work by Moni Bell.


The work of Moni Bell traces some dark paths through sharks, uncertainty, impending chaos and more sharks. Her world is full of jagged sharp edges but rendered in exuberant colors and patterns and humor mitigating the darkness and keeping it at bay. What she arrives at is a perilous balance between heaven and hell, which pretty much reflects our own dilemmas. Expect as much with her musical performance which will allow you to dance with the sharks and if you get bit so what? Its part of the thrill of life!


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