Oak Cliff Bike Crawl @ Dallas Lit Hop


WHEN: April 20 from 1pm to 7pm
1:00 – 2:00 MERCADO 369, 369 W. Jefferson Blvd
Hilda Mendoza
Megan Martinez
Tammy Melody Gomez
2:00 – 4:00 OAK CLIFF CULTURAL CENTER, 223 W. Jefferson Blvd
Dallas Poetry Slam
Verse and Rhythm
4:00 – 5:00 LUCKY DOG BOOKS, 911 W. Jefferson Blvd
Griselda Castillo
Tim Cloward
5:00 – 6:00 CHUCK AND GEORGE, 516 S. Marlborough Ave.
Lily Taylor
Chris Merlick
6:00 – 7:00 MIGHTY FINE ARTS, 409A N. Tyler St.
Karen X Minzer
Chuck Taylor
Admission: All events are free because it’s Wordspace!

Non-cyclists also welcome, though some distances may require short drives.

The Oak Cliff Edition of Lit Hop 2019 is a day long spoken word tour featuring a stellar selection of Texas writers, poets and performers.
Start off the afternoon at Mercado 369 on scenic Jefferson Blvd with a program of Fort Worth writers put together by Tammy Melody Gomez. Tammy Melody Gomez is a Chicanx literary arts curator, performance artist and published writer. She was a 2015-2018 Black Earth Institute Fellow and she is a member of the Macondo Writers Workshop. She will be joined by Layne Calabro, Megan Martinez and Hilda Mendoza. Megan Martinez is a Latinx poet, visual artist, musicain and DIY organizer and designer from the LGBTQ community. Hilda Mendoza is a member of the Fort Worth Poetry Society and active organizer of various poetry workshops in the community. Layne Calabro is a writer and graphic designer whose work has appeared in the “About Place Journal” and “Panther City” and she has a poem featured in the literary performance “Dress Code”.

Next, head over to the Oak Cliff Cultural Center for the Dallas Poetry Slam. The Dallas Poetry Slam has earned respect and distinction for over 25 years. Their poets have enjoyed national awards and they have hosted and promoted myriad slam events in venues across Dallas. Wordspace is honored to have their presence on the tour.

Afterwards, stick around for a special edition of Verse and Rhythm, a venerable spoken word series hosted by Brenda Randall. For the Lit Hop tour they will be featuring readings by Barbara Audacity, Brandan L.Jackson, Alex Gurley and Sin.

Then head west on Jefferson to Lucky Dog Books for readings by Griselda Castillo and Tim Cloward. Accalimed Austin poet Griselda will be reading from her book Blood and Piloncillo winner of the Premio for Best Poetry Book from the NACCS Tejas Foco. Tim Cloward is a mainstay of the Dallas Literary Scene. He is founder of performance group Dancing Tongue and has also collaborated with poetry ensembles Poetry Circus and Question Authority.

Next, head over to the infamous Art house of Brian Scott and Brian Jones for performances by Chris Merlick and Lily Taylor. Chris Merlick will be perfoming with his Duchampaphones, his unique inventions based on Duchamps found object bicycle wheel sculpture. Avant chantueuse Lily Taylor will work her elegant magic with angelic vocal enchantment mixed with techno embellishments. Her music is ethereal and captivating and simply beautiful.

Finally, wind up the afternoon at Mighty Fine Arts for Poets on X+ with Karen X Minzer and Chuck Taylor. Karen X Minzer is one of the great influencers and shapers of the Dallas Literary scene and her immense contributions in promoting and producing events and opportunities for the community are legendary. She was a confidant of Allen Ginsberg, Robert Trammel, Roxy and Judy Gordon. She is also a gifted poet and writer and is currently finishing up her studies at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa Institute in Boulder. Chuck Taylor is one of the pillars of Texas Poetry who has received numerous awards and critical acclaim for his career achievements. He is also a publisher and teacher and has nurtured the free spirited independence of Texas Bohemia. This will be a once in a blue moon chance to catch readings by these legendary figures.

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