Prudence the Auset

Prudence the Auset:
Friday March 18th
It’s a Grind Coffee House, 2901 Indiana

Prudence the Auset, is often referred to as the common day Maya Angelou. She was born the only female child to Raymond W Sneed, III and Frances J Sneed in July of 1975. The story as told by her mother is that she was named by the Most High himself.

Prudence means wisdom in everyday life.

Prudence the Auset began her career as an Actress at the age of 14. Her first debut was in the stage production “For Colored Girls Who’ve Considered Suicide When the Rainbow was Enough”. Produced by Mr. Willie A Minor at the South Dallas Cultural Center. At the age of 35, Prudence the Auset is still a part of the theatrical stage and performing in hit stage plays such as Body Parts, The Pastor’s Wife, Gossip is the Devi’s Mailman, You Better Ask Somebody and Through the Fire just to name a few. She has also had her Director’s debut in the upcoming motion film, In the Rain. A TIC and Isis Entertainment Production, and will be appearing in the Svelte Production film, What If The Grass Ain’t Greener…
Before there was acting there was a passion burning in this woman that in the year 2005 could no longer be smoldered. She appeared at a poetry reading in the heart of Dallas, Texas at the request of a family friend and the rest is history. Prudence the Auset hosted Poetry N Jazz for 2 years at TePheJez Jazz Club located in the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas. Prior to Poetry N Jazz, she was the co-host of Eklectic Nonsense which featured at the downtown Mosaic Lofts and later moved to TePheJez Jazz Club. She has shared the stage with poetry legends such as, RockBaby, GNO, Red Storm, Nnamdi, Black Page, Michael Guinn and Janean Livingston, just to name a few.

She often refers to her poetry as a testimony and storytelling. Prudence the Auset is known to take lemons and make lemonade with poetry. Her words have a way of traveling down some of the darkest of roads and finding light. She’s not only creative but inspiring. She’s the goddess of poetry forever evolving into divine light and truth.

Hosted by RockBaby and Alexandra Marie

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