Randall Garrett

When: Saturday, January 25, 8 pm
Where: WordSpace, 415 North Tyler Street
Admission: Free
MORE! Clay Stinnett and Andy Don Emmons provide performance accompaniment


In conjunction with his exhibition opening at Mighty Fine Arts, Randall Garrett performs spoken word art at WordSpace. Gallery opening starts at 6. Performance at 8. Beverages and snacks are served and neighborhood businesses on Tyler Street are open for business and block partying.

Mighty Fine Arts presents “Noble Savages” featuring the Cirkit of Mythos with new work by Eddy Rawlinson, Omar Hernandez, Randall Garrett and Steve Cruz.  This show opens Saturday Jan 25 with a reception for the artists from 6-9pm and will run till Sunday March 9.
Noble Savages” plays off the concept of the outsider, untainted by civilization and living under his own inner rule, the term emerged in the 19th century as an expression of naiveté used to describe the native and exotic “other” during the periods of colonial expansion. Winking at the inappropriate nature and archaic language that brought forth such a term,Cirkit of Mythos makes playful mockery of it by embracing their stance as artists who live in a 21st century technologically advanced age, yet willfully standing apart and gleefully wallowing in their own iconoclasm. 
Eddy Rawlinson creates iconic paintings that glorify the biker and rebel outsider, rendered in super saturated colors reminiscent of psychedelic poster art. The graphic pop constructions of Omar Hernandez utilize contemporary digital techniques, even as they point out the apocalyptic direction of such technologies, and leaving subtle hints of a primeval perfection that might yet re-emerge. Randall Garrett debuts a series of new photo works based on performance characters, presenting alternate deadpan and humorous archetypes of the self, as dredged up from the shadowy depths of the unconscious. Steve Cruz provides comic relief with painted narratives of deities and lovers caught in a never ending series of antics balanced between humor and pathos.

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