Roberto Munguia

Who: Roberto Munguia
What: Mighty Fine Arts Series
When: Saturday, March 15, 8:15 pm
Where: From the Ends of the Earth

In conjunction with Frank Lopez’s opening exhibition at Mighty Fine Arts, Roberto Munguia presents a spoken word performance next door at From the Ends of the Earth. 


Photo Credit: Dallas Arts Revue

“Roberto Munguia likes to work with a number of different media. And at each instance a very different aesthetic emerges. His ink drawings are composed of languorous calligraphic strokes and loosely balanced solid forms, sometimes additionally punctuated with flowering washes of diluted ink. He achieves a nice balance between his flowering forms and lines and the white of the paper. These works reflect a quite and solid sensibility. Munguia’s prints reveal pre-Columbian influences in their titles and Islamic influences in their mosaic-like composition. These works are as enchanting and mysterious as the creatures that inhabit them.”

 Read Excerpts of Munguia’s writing here.
Special Thanks to Wendi Medling of From the Ends of the Earth.
Opening Reception 6 pm.
The work of Frank Lopez employs archaic technique with contemporary intent. His tintype images are exquisitely evocative and filled with poetic atmosphere and associations.  The world he invokes invites contemplation and wonder and is filled with mysterious beauty and ardor.

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