Sweatloaf at ARTSPEAK

When is this? Saturday, April 30
Where?…on Earth? Yes, it’s at Mighty Fine Arts, 409A N. Tyler St. in the OC
Who is responsible for this? Wordspace presents ArtSpeak

ArtSpeak features performance art in conjunction with exhibition openings at MFA Gallery.
This month, new work by Clay Stinnett “Texican Spaghetti Wrestling” will also feature a sonic assault by Butthole Surfers Cover Band “Sweatloaf” offering up an unholy miasma of punk lyrics, art rock, avant garde and psychedelic upheavels. More fun than legally recommended! Performance starts around 8:30ish.

“Texican Spaghetti Wrestling” featuring new work by Clay Stinnett. This show opens Sat April 30 with a reception for the artist from 6-9pm and will run till Sun June 12. Clay Stinnett has an ecumenical appreciation of all things white, brown and black trash. The detritus of culture washes through his brain pan and emerges in lumps of inspiration and horrid insight. The Id monster lies abruptly under the mainstream consciousness and only a mere scratch effort reveals the awfulness that informs us amerikans.(Note the current Republican struggle of dumb assery) But Mr.Clay doesn’t revel in anti-intellectuosity, he is a grand social observer and satirist, a progeny of Rabelais, an upholder of the noble tradition of stripping the pants off “authority”. So dont miss the opportunity to witness and absorb the full frontal and unfettered Clay Mind in all it’s turbulent excess and glory and get marked as having been exposed to some real “Art” for a change! 

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