Unconscious Collective @ Mighty Fine Arts

Who: Unconscious Collective
Who’s that? Aaron and Stefan Gonzales, and Gregg Pricket
When: Saturday, June 28, 9 pm
Where: Mighty Fine Arts, 409 N. Tyler St.

Andrew_Ortiz_NegationIn conjunction with the opening of “Para Normalities” a solo show of work by Andy Don Emmons, The Brothers Gonzalez, known as the symbiotic avant garde rhythm foundation of Yells at Eels, have created a daunting side project with uber-accomplished guitar master Gregg Prickett with the intention of unsettling your musical horizons. Incorporating theatrical tribal costumes and spoken word interludes. The “Collective” will invoke ancient musical realms and inspired contemporary improvisation channeling punk, free jazz, funk, blues and metal. Be prepared for unworldly presences and expanded sensibilities and perhaps an after performance free for all jam with the notorious “Inferno Texino”.


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